Women for Women in Jail – First Meeting with the Hon. Minister of Prison Reforms


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Things get official with A.G.S.E.P.‘s new project „Women for Women in Jail”: The first Meeting with the Hon. Minister of Prison Reforms, Hon. D.M. Swaminathan, was conducted on the 13th of March 2017. After giving a short introduction as well as handing over a formal letter containing the relevant facts, the Hon. Minister ensured us his consent. He wisely saw the advantages of the project for both sides, also pointing at the fact that providing custody for an inmate monthly costs about 20.000-25.000 Rupees for a Sri Lanka Prison. First achievements and concessions were made: A.G.S.E.P. got authorized by him to visit Negombo’s Women Remand Prison and make first contacts with the female inmates, whoop!

Never give up. Never give in. Never surrender to the Banana Republic (Say nothing. Do nothing. Be nothing).

To give also you, dear readers of this blog, a more profound picture of this project, here a little example: A mother steals a milk package in a shop for her two-year-old baby and is arrested by the police. Since she cannot pay the fine, the sentence will be 14 days in remand. After the time in custody, this procedure repeatedly continues, as she still will not have monetary sources. Therefore, she will face an excessively high jail sentence compared to the committed crime offence.

One example of a case we can’t provide with any help, because it doesn’t meet our requirements, would be the following: A woman gets into a fight with her only brother over some land that they both inherited to equal shares. She then decides to kill the brother and plans the murder. Ultimately, the plan doesn’t work out and her brother is still alive. The woman gets caught by the police and the charge is attempted murder. This case definitely doesn’t fall under the responsibility of “Women for Women in Jail”. Same restrictions apply for e.g. for narcotic drug offenders as well as for accuses of prostitution.