Asian German Sports Exchange Programme

FAQ on Sri Lanka:


Where exactly is Sri Lanka located and what climate can I expect?

Sri Lanka is a small island in the Indian Ocean, South East of India. The Island is about as large as the German state of Bavaria. You can expect temperatures all year round about 29 degrees Celsius (water and air).

What season is the best to visit with my sports team?

In Sri Lanka, the travel season is all year since the monsum rain doesn’t influence the weather as much. Simply the Ocean is a bit more rougher during monusm from May to September.

Since there have been many turmoils in the past, is it safe to travel in Sri Lanka nowadays?

Yes! It is absolutely no problem, since the civil war stopped in 2009. The country has become more and more open to tourists from all over the world.

Do I need a visa to enter? What are the fees?

Yes, it is necessary to apply for an online Visa through the government website. It only takes a few minutes and cost 55 Euro per person.

What is the language in Sri Lanka? Do they understand English at all?

The official language is Sinhala and Tamil but most natives speak good English and communication is no problem.

How is the Health Care like in Sri Lanka?

There is a government health care in Sri Lanka which is free of charge. However, we recommend visitors to have their own insurance so private hospitals may be visited as well.

What kind of food can our team expect?

The Sri Lankan Cuisine is well known for its special spices and delicious curries. We do serve Western Cuisine if desired as well.

Can my team and I pay via Credit Card and use local ATMs?

Yes, you can pay via Credit Card in many local stores or use the ATMs. Also it is possible to change Euro to Sri Lanka Rupies.

Do we need to get special vaccinations?

Best you consult with your personal doctor. We personally don’t require special vaccinations since your stay will not exceed two weeks.

FAQ on our stay:


Do we have a German Contact person on site?

Yes, you will have at least one German speaking person who is managing the activities and matches.

Will Mosquito nets be provided?

Yes, every hotel room is equipped with a mosquito net.


Where exactly will the matches take place in Sri Lanka?

The friendship matches will take place within a perimeter of 30km.

If someone gets hurt, will medical assistance be present?

Of course we will make sure that medical assistance is present at all times.

Can we make suggestions for alternative Sightseeing options?

Of course the program can be fully adapted to your personal wishes. Our itinerary can be seen as a simple suggestion.

How many teams has AGSEP hosted over the years?

Our Organization has hosted more than 250 teams over the years.


Should any other questions arise, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your stay!