Sponsorship Program

Through this project between German families and Sri Lankan school-aged children and their families sponsorships closed. This would allow the special talent of the child are not only financially, but also morally encouraged and supported.

After Sri Lanka selected talents and a special promotion plan was created, is wanted in Germany for a suitable foster family. Supervisor on site and in Germany are responsible for the contact between the two parties. At least four times a year receives the foster family a description of the situation in life and achievements of the child. In addition, the current flowing contact by a personal letter of the child or painted images to be deepened.

In a first trial run three very talented children are supported. Upon successful completion of this phase, the public announcement of the project is part of a television gala on Valentine’s Day (14.02.2006). In addition to the focused search for Godparents is reported there dokumentativ first experiences, successes and failures. This is followed by the actual main project phase follows, where many children as possible to get contact and support foster parents. For World Children Day on 20.09.2006 will again be held a gala at which presented previously obtained results of the project.