Mayor of Nattandiya will visit the German city Stendal

Last week a team of the Asian German Sports Exchange Program (A.G.S.E.P.) met the mayor of Nattandiya, Mr. Roshan Nilantha Fernando at his office. They discussed their upcoming visit to Stendal, Germany.

Mr. Fernando will travel with his delegation of regional politicians to deliver a greeting message from the citizens of Nattandiya to the citizens of Stendal, as they are celebrating their 850. City Anniversary this year.

The relations between the two cities were built up 22 years ago, when on of our local volleyball teams visited the city of Stendal for the first time. During their journey to Germany, they also travelled to 8 different cities. Our players still remember this experience, the very warm welcome and the volleyball matches.

This sport exchange to Germany was also organized by A.G.S.E.P.

Lately, those friendly relations have been renewed through the visit of a delegation from Stendal, earlier this year. Their 14 days long stay has been appreciated through the city council and the local government with a formal reception in the town hall of the city of Nattandiya. All participants enjoyed the visit and expressed that these friendly relations should be continued.

Now Mr. Fernando will carry on with the tradition to maintain the cross-cultural exchange between the two cities. The visit of him and his delegation will foster the political connections as well as Mr Fernando will invite German sports clubs to come to Sri Lanka to play friendly matches against our local teams.

A newspaper article about his upcoming trip was published.

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