“Little Feet” Football Program

The project “Little Feet” Football Program has as its goal, children between 4 – to bring 8 years playing the sport of football in more detail with the help of targeted workouts central feature is that both boys and girls already impressed very young age for football sports. should be.

Reason for this project was the fact that in Sri Lanka available for this age group no professionally designed training materials and therefore do not have the teacher’s knowledge of a didactic methodology proper training. While it is played in schools soccer with the children, but without precise knowledge of the properties and characteristics of a training with children. This project is the children from the beginning a professional approach made ​​possible.
The training requires the consideration of specific features u. Methods that are incomparable with the training of adolescents and adults. In children aged 04-08 years, the fun is in the foreground and the children will be playing football closer. The different basic skills such as fit, dribble, shown step by step and practiced between games. The games are not always soccer-specific, but it is important that it is movement-intensive and varied tasks for running, jumping and rolling.

Therefore, AGSEP has set a goal to create a professional support for teachers and to give the teachers in workshops of this knowledge. In the long term, the teacher should then be able to independently carry out its training sessions with the children and to raise the level of the sport in the long term. The document is divided into a theoretical part where the special features, objects, and the right training structure are described for this age group and a practical part, where a large amount of games and exercises for the individual units are provided.
AGSEP working on this project with the Project Officer Football, Mr NK Abeysinghe by the Department Sports Development and the National Institute for Sports Science. A collaboration with the Sri Lankan Football Federation is sought.