Sponsorship Program

Through this project between German families and Sri Lankan school-aged children and their families sponsorships closed. This would allow the special talent of the child are not only financially, but also morally encouraged and supported.

Swimming Workshop

Swimming lessons for teachers The surprisingly high proportion of non-swimmers on a little washed by the warm Indian Ocean island always justifies incredulous astonishment. Sri Lanka lives of fishing u. Is dependent on non-floating fishermen, a AGSEP project with heart

Sports School Nattandiya

The organizations AGSEP and “Peace Village International” have asked the Central Sports School for Intercultural Integration in Nattandiya in a joint action completed and opened. Our special thanks to the donations initiators Yvonne Sailer of Germany, Mrs. Romy Geiser from Switzerland and especially and moments “We help children” as well as the ex-intern (s) from […]