Award by the US Congress to Mr. Kanagasingam

In the following you can find a press release regarding the book “German Memories in Asia” by Rajkumar Kanagasingam:


Rajkumar Kanagasingam who authored the book, German Memories in Asia received the “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition” from Karen Bass who represents California’s 37th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives after the Los Angeles based We Care for Humanity’s “Humanitarian Writer of the Year” Award at the 3rd Global Official of Dignity Awards in 5 – 7 August, 2015 in New York.

He was instrumental and a joint coordinator on a German tsunami relief mission facilitated by the Asian-German Sports Exchange Program in January, 2005 to the war-torn Northern Sri Lanka where coordinating was very difficult because of the warring factions. He has documented all these memories in his authored book, German Memories in Asia which was published in USA in 2007.


Mayor of Nattandiya will visit the German city Stendal

Last week a team of the Asian German Sports Exchange Program (A.G.S.E.P.) met the mayor of Nattandiya, Mr. Roshan Nilantha Fernando at his office. They discussed their upcoming visit to Stendal, Germany.

Mr. Fernando will travel with his delegation of regional politicians to deliver a greeting message from the citizens of Nattandiya to the citizens of Stendal, as they are celebrating their 850. City Anniversary this year.

The relations between the two cities were built up 22 years ago, when on of our local volleyball teams visited the city of Stendal for the first time. During their journey to Germany, they also travelled to 8 different cities. Our players still remember this experience, the very warm welcome and the volleyball matches.

This sport exchange to Germany was also organized by A.G.S.E.P.

Lately, those friendly relations have been renewed through the visit of a delegation from Stendal, earlier this year. Their 14 days long stay has been appreciated through the city council and the local government with a formal reception in the town hall of the city of Nattandiya. All participants enjoyed the visit and expressed that these friendly relations should be continued.

Now Mr. Fernando will carry on with the tradition to maintain the cross-cultural exchange between the two cities. The visit of him and his delegation will foster the political connections as well as Mr Fernando will invite German sports clubs to come to Sri Lanka to play friendly matches against our local teams.

A newspaper article about his upcoming trip was published.

Presse 04.08.2015 b


Promotion of tourism in Sri Lanka // Tourismusförderung in Sri Lanka

A.G.S.E.P. works closely with the Ministry of Tourism to promote tourism, especially sports tourism, in Sri Lanka. This is beneficially for the Sri Lankan economy. Project 300.000 is a presentation for the minister of tourism and other officials. On the 2nd of July our interns met the secretary of the tourism minister to present the proposal.


A.G.S.E.P. arbeitet eng mit dem Tourismusministerium zusammen um den Tourismus, insbesondere den Sporttourismus, zu fördern. Dies ist gerade für die Wirtschaft Sri Lankas bedeutend. Project 300.000 ist eine Präsentation für den Tourismusminister und andere offizielle Stellen. Am 2. Juli haben unsere Praktikanten den Sekretär des Tourismusminister getroffen um ihm das Projekt vorzustellen.

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Meeting with the mayor of Nattandiya

In September a group of town council members from Nattandiya will travel to Germany. To discuss the schedule and further details, we met with the mayor of Nattandiya. Mr. Nilam and ten of his colleagues will go to Germany. During their stay they will visit our friends in Stendal and celebrate their 850. Jubilee.

For most of them it’s the first time travelling to Europe.

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Meeting with Minister for Law and Order

In June three of our interns went to Colombo to visit the Ministry of Public Order and Christian Religious Affairs. There they met the Minister John Amarathunga to talk about an upcoming a school’s sports team trip to Germany. We were able to have a look at his private domicile and enjoyed a cup of tea.

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Exchange between Stendal and Nattandiya

In April 2015 we organised an exchange between the city of Stendal (Germany) and the city of Nattandiya (Sri Lanka).
An interest group of around 15 people visited Nattandiya. During the exchange the participants had a nice time and enjoyed their get-together. Everybody would like to carry on the exchange in the future.


Wir organisierten für den April 2015 einen Austausch zwischen der deutschen Stadt Stendal und der Stadt Nattandiya hier vor Ort.
Eine Interessensgruppe von rund 15 Leuten nahm diese Möglichkeit war und besuchten die Stadt Nattandiya. Es kam zu einem regen Austausch zwischen den Menschen und von allen Seiten wurde sich gewünscht diesen Austausch in regelmäßigen Abständen zu wiederholen.


Activation of SPORTS EXCHANGE PROGRAM with Germany

A selected number of German Table Tennis Clubs had been invited to take part in our ASIAN GERMAN SPORTS EXCHANGE PROGRAM to visit Sri Lanka during 2015/2016.

Among the Senior Table Tennis Teams – Women/Men – the Sri Lanka Table Tennis is hopeful, that some GERMAN JUNIOR TEAMS too will join. Avoiding the Christmas Holidays, the German Teams are welcomed through the year. DD