Ayubowan Thore – New study on nutritious food for elderly people with A.G.S.E.P.


A.G.S.E.P. (Asian German Sports Exchange Program) embarked to support a study on nutritious food for elderly people (especially with diseases such as diabetes or overweight) based on endemic fruits and vegetables, which are commonly known in Sri Lanka and widely available in the markets. To support sustainable and eco-friendly farming in Sri Lanka and to provide healthier food of better quality, mainly fruits and vegetables from organic suppliers will be chosen.

Thore Bade, a German University Student from Anhalt University of Applied Science, is completing since the end of February 2017 an internship with A.G.S.E.P. His subject of study is oecotrophology (nutrition science and home economics). Being a specialist for the upcoming program study under A.G.S.E.P., he’s entrusted with the task of developing nutrition schedules for retired persons coming to Sri Lanka to live in an elderly home.

As a scheme to promote sports tourism in Sri Lanka, Thore will also focus on giving food recommendation for sports people and for those who are concerned of a healthy life style in general as well. Nutritious food is vital for active sportspeople, not only for top athletes but also for common people who are engaging in doing leisure sports for improving their physical fitness or improving their health in general. He’ll examine numerous fruits and vegetables and their effects in respect of metabolism and enhanced physical performances.

The results of his research with A.G.S.E.P. will be popularized for the public since the recommendations for seniors as well as for sportspeople can be adjusted to the individual needs of every human being in order to facilitate a healthy life and wellbeing for everyone. Moreover, some easy adaptable rules, which are implemented by scientific bodies in Germany since a long time, will be introduced in Sri Lanka.

Thore’s research stint with AGSEP ends in June 2017 and is available for the Sri Lankan Sports Bodies upon request from agsep2013@gmail.com.