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Women for Women in Jail – Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Prison Reforms signed

20/04/2017 Today was a day to remember for A.G.S.E.P.’s project “Women for Women in Jail”: The Minister of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs, Hon. D.M. Swaminathan and Hannah Rieck-Guenthner, the current representative of the initiative, signed the Memorandum of Understanding between the two parties including various articles, but mainly laying the foundation […]

Project Management Training with A.G.S.E.P.

American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) CIPM ® Certified International Project Manager ® Project Management Certification AAPM is offering graduate designations and credentials to qualified Project Managers. To earn AAPM® Project Management Certification, please submit a resume if you have over 3 years of Project Management Industry experience and a relevant & approved accredited university […]

Happy Sinhalese and Tamil New Year!

11/04/2017 We wish your families and you, dear readers of this blog, a happy and prosperous Sinhalese and Tamil New Year! May you have a good time celebrating with your loved ones and a peaceful start in the New Year.

Women for Women in Jail – Got published in Daily News

05/04/2017 page 27, Daily News of 05/04/2017 ‘One of the objects of a newspaper is to understand popular feeling and to give expression to it; another is to arouse among the people certain desirable sentiments; and the third is fearlessly to expose defects.’ – Mahatma Gandhi Big thanks goes to mysterious Mrs. Wettimuny from Features […]

Women for Women in Jail – Second briefing with the Hon. Minister

03/04/2017 A.G.S.E.P. on the mission for Sri Lanka’s Women again briefing the Hon. Minister of Prisons Reforms about the progress of the project and picking four reference cases for the start with a following formal Reference Request Letter. Hon. D.M. Swaminathan also agreed to base the future cooperation with A.G.S.E.P. upon a Memorandum of Understanding, […]

Women for Women in Jail – First visit in Negombo’s Women remand prison

25/03/2017 Two weeks after receiving the approval of the Hon. Minister of Prisons Reform for this project, A.G.S.E.P. has officially took first actions by visiting Negombo’s Women Remand Prison (Negombo as a first starting point because it is the second biggest prison in Sri Lanka and close to Marawila) with the support of the Superintendent […]

Women for Women in Jail – First Meeting with the Hon. Minister of Prison Reforms

13/03/2017 Things get official with A.G.S.E.P.‘s new project „Women for Women in Jail”: The first Meeting with the Hon. Minister of Prison Reforms, Hon. D.M. Swaminathan, was conducted on the 13th of March 2017. After giving a short introduction as well as handing over a formal letter containing the relevant facts, the Hon. Minister ensured […]

Thore in the Daily News

07/03/2017 Link:

Ayubowan Thore – New study on nutritious food for elderly people with A.G.S.E.P.

21/02/2017 A.G.S.E.P. (Asian German Sports Exchange Program) embarked to support a study on nutritious food for elderly people (especially with diseases such as diabetes or overweight) based on endemic fruits and vegetables, which are commonly known in Sri Lanka and widely available in the markets. To support sustainable and eco-friendly farming in Sri Lanka and […]

Women for Women in Jail

A.G.S.E.P. initiated a new project focussing on women being in jail or in remand prison for having committed petty crimes. Lacking financial means or receiving only insufficient or even non-existent legal counsel, these women are facing an excessively high jail sentence consequently. Some cases have no other possibility than taking their under-aged children with them […]